6 Best Mission Allergy Products (Dust Mite and Pet Allergies)

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I became interested in dust mites when I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy. Thankfully I found Mission Allergy.

I’ve searched for dust mites in my house (aka dust), I’ve asked doctors for advice, and I’ve navigated the internet for pictures, information, and products.

Needless to say, I’ve become educated in all-things dust mites and my interest is the reason I started this website – I want to share what I’ve learned and my experience.

In this article, I’ll share my reviews for the best Mission Allergy products for dust mites and animal allergy.

Allergists know the dust mite industry well. In my first visit with my allergist I was tested and asked about my house, specifically about my bedding and carpeting.

That day, I learned that an assessment of my home environment was the first step to overcoming my dust mite allergy.  After sharing information about my home with my allergist, he shared important information about dust mites and how to reduce their population.

His advice continued with a pamphlet that had recommendations for the best dust mite products.

I learned that many products available in retail stores weren’t as advertised. Many products don’t actually protect against dust mites.  He recommended a few of the leading companies and one of those companies was Mission Allergy!

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Considerations for High-Quality Dust Mite Covers

#1 Small Pore Space

You might wonder, “how can a dust mite cover protect from dust mites without a seal”.  The answer is pore space!  Pore space is the space between fibers as they are woven.

Scientists have found that covers with an average pore size less than 10 microns will effectively block dust mites and their fecal pellets. Interestingly, cat allergens (dander) can be slightly smaller, so 6 microns will effectively block their allergen.

Mission Allergy has two types of fabric quality.  Their premium barrier fabric has a mean pore size of 2 microns, making it one of the tightest pore sizes on the market.  Mission Allergy’s “Allergy Barrier II” encasings have an average pore size of 6, which means it is also 100% effective against dust mites.

Other dust mite bedding products make claims, however, Mission Allergy uses 3rd party testing to ensure its products are effective.  This means that external, unbiased research has been done to ensure that these covers do what the company claims.

#2 No plastic lining

If you browse the various brands of dust mite covers you’ll notice that the cheapest ($) covers have a layer of polyurethane which provides protection from dust mites.  The problem with polyurethane is that it’s not breathable and it may cause sweating at night.

If your child is a bedwetter it might be useful, however, my experience with these covers was short-lived because they were uncomfortable and tore easily.

Note: if the product says 100% waterproof then you can count on breathability issues.  Also if the product has a “cotton-terry outer layer” it probably has a synthetic inner layer.

Although Mission Allergy products are not 100% waterproof, the tight pore space allows it to be water-resistant for a short period of time.  This means you’ll have a few minutes (or seconds) before the moisture soaks through the cover.

#3 Thick material and a sturdy zipper

Check the material.  Even though these allergy protectors remain unseen under your sheets, mattress covers should be thick and sturdy.

Pillow and duvet encasings will be slightly thinner while mattress covers will be thicker.  All Mission Allergy products are made with polyester microfiber which is cool to the touch and silky smooth.

You can see and fee the quality of Mission Allergy compared to other products.  Take a look at the zipper.

I like my Mission Allergy pillow encasing because it has a sturdy zipper and it also has a fabric flap that covers the zipper so I won’t feel it while sleeping.  The zipper should close tightly to create a seal.

One experiment I did after purchasing my pillow encasement was to zip the cover and attempt to squeeze air out of the cover – air can escape from the woven fabric, but it goes slowly, just as you’d expect from a fabric with small pore space.

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#4 Warranty (Does the company stand by their product?)

Mission Allergy offers two generous warranties.  As a customer and someone suffering from allergy, I always look for a warranty for a few reasons.

  1. I want to make sure there is one – if no warranty then I sometimes feel uneasy about buying a product.
  2. The length of the warranty tells a lot about the product.

A long warranty says something about the company.  They’ve done their due diligence to make sure the product is high-quality and they make sure their product is built to last.

Mission Allergy’s first warranty is for their premium microfiber with a mean pore size of 2 microns.  This is their best quality encasing and they offer a lifetime warranty.  Yep, a lifetime! Can any company beat this?

Their second warranty is for their “Barrier Fabric II”.  As mentioned earlier, it has a mean pore size of 6 microns and is made of high-quality microfiber, however, it’s not quite as strong (or expensive) as the premium microfiber.

The warranty for the barrier fabric II is 10 years.  Not quite as impressive as the premium microfiber, but if it lasts 10 years you better believe you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

Why I Use Mission Allergy Products

I’ve personally used Mission Allergy products myself so I feel like I can recommend their best products.  The fact of the matter is I trust them.

I largely use their products on my bed and I felt the improvement right away.  Mission Allergy products improved my sleep, my breathing, and my skin.

My symptoms often became worse overnight and included:

  • Red, puffy eyes
  • Chapped lips
  • Stuffy nose
  • Itchy skin
  • Fatigue

Rather than wake up feeling recharged, I would always wake up tired and exhausted, wanting to sleep more.  I would struggle to get through the day and look forward to sleeping more.

When I first purchased dust mite covers I bought the cheapest priced products.  I wrongly assumed they were all the same.  I learned quickly that it wasn’t the case.  Covers ripped and caused me to sweat while sleeping.

My doctor finally set me straight and recommended Mission Allergy.  Since I began using their bed products, my stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes have almost disappeared.

The rashes on my body have slowly disappeared.  Hopefully, 1 or more of these products can help reduce your dust mite allergy symptoms just like they did mine.

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Mission Allergy Goals

Mission Allergy is an American company based in Newtown, Connecticut. It was founded by Dr. Jeffrey D. Miller, an allergist and researcher. According to the Mission Allergy website, they focus on dust mite prevention through 3 main themes:

  • Education – provide medically accurate advice on prevention and avoidance through relevant science
  • Research – conduct research in the company’s lab to study dust mites and their prevention
  • Products – provide high-quality products that have been tested and proven as effective for dust mites and in many cases bed bugs

Their philosophy is plain and simple: Do the right thing.  They provide information and products that are scientifically proven to work.

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About Mission Allergy’s Founder, Dr. Jeffrey D. Miller

Dr. Miller has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Allergy since 1999.  He is responsible for laboratory research and new product evaluation and development. For over 30 years, Dr. Miller has conducted research on dust mites and allergen avoidance and holds two U.S. patents to kill dust mites in the home.

He has contributed to publishing over 40 articles and research in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The Annals of Allergy, and The New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Miller has been featured as one of “America’s Best Doctors” and also a “Best Doctor in Connecticut”.  According to a recent article that featured Dr. Miller, he states:

“We have earned their trust by our high scientific and ethical standards. They know that we provide the most up-to-date, medically accurate advice on allergen avoidance, and the highest quality and most effective allergen-avoidance products at a reasonable cost.”

He founded the group “Asthma and Allergy Associates” that operates multiple offices in Connecticut.

The 6 Best Mission Allergy Products for Dust Mites (Reviews)

Best Product #1 Pillow Encasing (Dust Mite and Allergy-Proof  – premium microfiber)

“This company knows what it’s doing.  I made the mistake of buying a cheap cover and spent the next month sweating.  This cover is soft and doesn’t make that plastic sound when you lay on it. Thankfully there is no pvc or plastic sealant.  Mission Allergy is my new go-to product for allergies.” – Mission Allergy customer

Mission Allergy review - dust mites

Mission Allergy’s pillow encasing is my favorite product because I feel at ease when I sleep on it at night. The pillow encasing is available in different sizes and fits over the pillow but inside the usual pillowcase. Many dust mite covers are made from cheap thread and zippers or vinyl which causes sweating.

My initial purchases were from large box stores and they didn’t hold up very long (nor did they feel or look nice).  I finally gave in and purchased this Mission Allergy product and I’ve had it for years with no problems!

The pillow encasing is made from polyester microfiber and has the smallest pore space on the market. For those of you unaware, pore space is the distance between fibers (or tightness of the fabric) and if the cover isn’t weaved tightly, then microscopic dust mites will walk right through.

As an added bonus, the Mission Allergy pillow encasing also guarantees against bed bugs and animal allergens like down feathers.

>> check sizes, reviews, and price on Amazon

Mission allergy encasings (all products) have much smaller pore space than the industry recommendation so you don’t have to worry about faulty products. Of course, these claims are all backed by research.

The microfiber is soft to the touch and silky smooth. It’s also breathable which allows your head to rest softly on the pillow without sweating. The zipper is high quality and it has a flap that covers the zipper so you can’t feel the seam when sleeping.

I only wash my pillow encasings 3-4 times a year since they’re always covered by a regular pillow cover. This encasing won’t allow dust mites into or out of your pillow so you can rest with peace of mind!

Best Product #2 Mattress Encasing (Dust Mite and Allergy-Proof “premium microfiber”)

“My daughter developed dust mite allergy early in life and since then, I have purchased these mattress covers for every bed in the house.  After learning about dust mites, I figured using these covers made our sleeping much more hygienic. I’m pleased with these covers and the Mission Allergy brand.” –Mission Allergy customer

Mission Allergy mattress cover review

Mission Allergy’s mattress encasing is the best on the market and that’s why I recommend it.  I use it too!

Although it’s a bit pricey depending on the size of your mattress, it’s a high-quality product and well worth it if you have a serious dust mite allergy.

The great thing about the Mission Allergy mattress cover is you’ll never need to replace it – it will last a lifetime.  You might find cheaper options, they will likely be low quality; either thin or made from vinyl, and susceptible to tearing or sweating. Mission Allergy sells the encasing in:

  • Various sizes from Crib size to a California King
  • Different depths.
  • 1 standard color, white.
  • Similar to their other products it is soft, smooth, and breathable.

>> check sizes, reviews, and price on Amazon

The cover is made from thick microfiber and has a durable zipper. It can actually take some wear and tear however since it rests under your bedsheets it will stay looking new.  The encasing isn’t waterproof but it is water-resistant.

This means that for a short time the water will stay on top of the encasing. If you have a bed-wetter this wouldn’t be your first choice.  But if you want to keep your mattress looking new and protect from dust mites and bed bugs then this is a great investment for your health.

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Best Product #3 Comforter Cover (Dust Mite and Allergy-Proof “premium microfiber”)

“I found the texture and quality of this product to be really great.  Actually, more than I expected considering the other covers we had used.  Few companies make a dust mite proof comforter cover.  We use all the products on pillows, mattresses, and blankets.  Premium product for your health.” Comforter cover customer

Mission Allergy’s allergen-proof comforter or duvet cover is a specialized product. Many allergy companies sell pillow and mattress covers but only a few companies offer a high-quality comforter cover.

Similar to the dust mite proof pillow cover, this cover goes over your blankets and under a cotton cover of your choice. It’s a great product because the cover allows you to keep your favorite blanket however old and mite-infested it may be.

It also protects people with animal allergy (down feathers) so you can keep that warm comforter even if you are allergic to it.

>> check sizes, reviews, and price on Amazon

The comforter is made with the same premium microfiber material as their other products and is guaranteed against dust mites, bed bug, and other allergens such as dander and pollen. The fabric is soft-to-the-touch and breathable and comes in 4 sizes (twin-king) and 3 colors (blue-grey, natural, and white).

The Mission Allergy comforter cover also has an interior zipper flap so you won’t feel it while sleeping. Better yet, all of Mission Allergy’s products are made in the U.S.A – support American companies!

Best Product #4 Comforter (Dust Mite and Allergy Proof “DreamFill or Premium Microfiber” )

“Great comforter!  What differentiates it from other covers is it’s weave using their fine microfiber.  My children have it on their beds and no longer wake up with stuffy noses and rashes.  We rarly wash it because dirt and dust can’t enter the comforter, how comforting is that.” – Comforter customer

As an alternative to the Mission Allergy comforter cover, Mission Allergy also offers an allergen-proof comforter that will ensure protection from dust mites.  Below are a few comforter highlights:

  • Mean pore size of 2 microns (dust mites, pollen, and animal allergies)
  • Lightweight
  • Cool, breathable microfiber polyester
  • Available in 3 colors (white, natural, blue-grey)

The comforter is filled with a trademarked DreamFill, ultra-fine fibers that are soft and cool feeling.  Mission Allergy’s allergen-proof comforter is recommended for people with eczema, allergic rhinitis, or families that want to improve bed hygiene and Mission Allergy makes sure to explain that this is not “hypoallergenic”.

Hypoallergenic means it’s not made of allergic components like down feathers but hypoallergenic doesn’t necessarily keep dust mites out of your comforter.  Rather, the Mission Allergy comforter is allergy-proof with an impenetrable allergy covering.

>> check colors, sizes, and reviews on Amazon

Spot cleaning is suggested as opposed to machine washing because the inside will never accumulate dust, dirt, or other allergens.  The outside can be washed as needed for spills or marks and if you keep it covered, there won’t be much reason to clean.

Best Product #5 Mattress Pad (Dust Mite and Allergy Proof “Premium Microfiber”)

“I want Mission Allergy for my whole house.  It makes me feel so clean and worry-free, knowing that dust mites and their feces aren’t touching me.  For anyone suffering with allergies, or just allergy symptoms, I recommend this company 100%.  Their products last a long time too.” Mattress pad customer

Similar to the allergen-proof comforter cover, this mattress pad will resist dust mites and animal allergies.  Although it does not work as a full “mattress cover”, it will protect skin contact with dust mites on the top of the mattress.

Love the feeling of a soft mattress pad?

Consider combining the pad over the top of a Mission Allergy mattress cover.  Most other pads are made from cotton or plastic membranes which will allow dust mites through or make sleeping a sweaty activity.  Not this mattress pad.

>> check sizes, reviews, and price on Amazon

The allergen-proof mattress pad is made from the same microfiber as Mission Allergy’s other products and is guaranteed to be cool and breathable.  It is stitched in a quilted pattern and bound with seam binding for durability and offered in one color, white that blends in with your mattress.

The mattress pad is machine washable and Mission Allergy provides a nice pamphlet for product care.  The allergen-proof mattress pad is yet another Mission Allergy product that we recommend for dust mites and animal allergy!

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Best Product #6 Pillow (Dust Mite and Allergy-Proof “Dream Fill”)

Maybe you have allergies and you’re looking for new pillows.  In our first best product we mentioned Mission Allergy’s pillow encasements that go over an existing pillow.

This product has the material sewn over the pillow so, rather than a cover, it’s actually any allergy-proof pillow.

I currently use the dust mite encasement for my existing pillow, however, I’d be tempted to just buy these pillows when I eventually need to replace my pillows.  Scientists say that a 2-year-old pillow can be about 10-15% dust mites and fecal matter (measured by the weight of the pillow).

This pillow would allow your family to start fresh, without worrying about what’s in your pillow. Although a dust mite cover will trap dust mites inside the pillow, a Mission Allergy pillow made with the allergy barrier fabric will fend off dust mites and other allergens from the start.

The pillow is available in a few different sizes (travel, standard, queen, and king).

>> check sizes, reviews, and price on Amazon

Most customers are purchasing these pillows for their children after being diagnosed with dust mite allergy and the pillows have positive feedback.  Another customer purchased 1 pillow to test and ended up buying more for the rest of the family.

The only drawback is the price but I’ve said this before, “For my health, I want the best products and the most reliable products available”.  Washing instructions for the pillow are simple, if the pillow gets dirty, machine wash on gentle settings with laundry detergent and tumble dry on low (low heat).


So there you have it, these are the 6 best Mission Allergy products we recommend. For the allergy sensitive individual, consider combining a few of these products to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep.  For people like me who suffer from dust mite or animal allergy, you’ll definitely notice an improvement of sleep.

I’ve been using these products for a few years and they have helped.  I can’t say that for other brands that are available at some of the big box stores.  As a last word of advice, always check to see if the product has a plastic or vinyl lining.

If so, you’ll likely get hot and sweat at night – I made this mistake early on, but once I switched to Mission Allergy I got comfort + allergy protection.

  • #1 Pillow Encasing
  • #2 Mattress Encasing
  • #3 Comforter Cover
  • #4 Comforter DreamFill
  • #5 Mattress Pad
  • #6 Pillow

Interested in learning more about Mission Allergy? Visit their website. In addition to the quality products we mentioned, Mission Allergy also offers test kits, dehumidifiers, filters, and air cleaners as well as helpful information on their website.  Below is a video made by the founder of Mission Allergy!

Thanks for reading these reviews for the best Mission Allergy products for dust mites and animal allergy. For more information, reviews, and products, visit us today at Dust Mite Solutions!

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