Dust Mite Allergy Reviews: Mission Allergy Proof Pillow Encasing

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If you’ve ever visited an allergist and tested positive for dust mite allergy, there’s a good chance you were recommended a Mission Allergy product.

In 2013 I felt I was having dust allergy symptoms.  I was tested and learned that I was allergic to dust mites (also known as bed mites).  My doctor, a renowned allergist in the San Francisco area, suggested I purchase bed coverings from Mission Allergy.

His recommendation was based off research that substantiated their claims for dust mite protection.

In the dust mite world, Mission Allergy is known for manufacturing some of the best dust mite allergy products on the market.  Many people who don’t have allergy also use the covers to get rid of dust mites naturally.  They have many options for your bed; from pillow, mattress, and comforter covers, to mattress pads and blankets.

Today I’ll review Mission Allergy’s “dust mite allergen-proof pillow encasing”.  We’ll evaluate 3 areas, 1) Design and Appearance, 2) Performance and Durability, 3) Affordability (see more reviews on the best mattress covers).

Here’s a video straight from Mission Allergy.  After watching, read our review below:

Design and Appearance

Mission Allergy’s pillow encasings (covers) come in one color, white, and 3 sizes (travel, standard, and queen).  They’re not meant to be an outer covering, rather, they form a protective barrier between your pillow and pillowcase.  The cover is cool to the touch and there’s very light noise when I run my hand over it.  It’s fairly easy to put it over the pillow or take it off.  In fact, the 100% polyester material helps it slide on.

The texture feels soft and silky smooth – not plastic-like however not quite as soft as cotton either.  The zipper is high quality and is covered by a flap so you won’t be bothered by it.

Another positive characteristic about this cover is that it’s not see-through and the fabric feels thick enough to last.  I guess that’s why it has a lifetime warranty! Even made in the U.S.A.

Our ranking: 5/5

Performance and Durability

To be clear, I’ve been using this pillow encasing for approximately 1 year.  I’ve used a number of dust mite pillow covers and there are 3 things that are most important to me.


This pillowcase is NOT plastic so you won’t be sweating at night.  Air can pass through the cover but takes time since the micron size is so small.  The average micron size is 2 (between 2-10 is recommended) so this product really does its job.

It is advertised as “water resistant” not “waterproof”, so moisture can still penetrate through the casing.  When I replaced my old dust mite cover with this one, my allergies have improved so I know its working.


Who wants a loud pillow cover when trying to sleep?  Many non-cotton dust mite pillowcases rustle with movement.  This one isn’t really noticeable and doesn’t wake me up at night so I don’t see noise an issue with this pillowcase, especially compared to my other experiences with non-cotton covers.

Washing damage

I’ve always been skeptical how washing affects the function of dust mite covers.  During washing, fabrics get stretched, and for dust mite protection, stretching can increase pore size.  In my opinion, weak materials are at risk when washing.

As mentioned earlier, Mission Allergy’s fabric is fairly thick and the polyester is more sturdy compared to cotton fabrics.  I’ve washed this cover a number of times and haven’t experienced any stretching.

Our ranking: 5/5


Dust mite covers range in cost from $10-20.  Many come in packs of 2.  In this case, 1 pillow encasing from Mission Allergy won’t break the bank.  Compared to Mission’s other products, this cover is more affordable.

When I was first diagnosed with dust mite allergy, I went to Amazon, searched for dust mite covers, and purchased the cheapest one.  After a few washes, I started to see the damage.

It was then that I started looking into “dust mite cover quality” and realized that just because a product says “dust mite protection” it doesn’t mean much.  Further review discovered that many companies claiming to sell dust mite products had no studies to back their claims.

Needless to say, Mission Allergy is committed to producing allergy products that work.  They only sell products that have been backed by 3rd party research.  Even though it cost a few dollars more, my mind is at ease knowing that I don’t need to question this product’s effectiveness.  After all, you can’t put a price on my health.

Our ranking: 4.5/5

Overall score: 4.8/5

We hope you enjoyed our Mission Allergy Pillow Cover Review!  We also review other products on our blog including vacuums, mattress covers, and comforter covers.  Visit us today at Dust Mite Solutions

Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow Encasing; “Premium Microfiber” (Standard Size)

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