4 Best Duvet or Comforter Covers for Dust Mite Allergy (Protect Your Bed)

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Finding a duvet or comforter cover for dust mite allergy isn’t easy.  In fact, there are few on the market and until I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy, I didn’t know duvet covers for allergies existed.

The best duvet covers will help reduce allergies significantly.  I know this because it helped me.

I’ll point you in the right direction and I’ll share my informed opinion and best recommendations to control your dust mite allergy.

Dust mites are an invisible mainstay in our homes.  They are microscopic and can’t be seen with the naked eye (hint: if you SEE bugs in your bed they are NOT dust mites, but they could be bed bugs).

Found on floors, especially in carpets and beds, dust mites quietly eat skin that has been shed from humans and animals.

We spend almost half our lives in bed, so protecting our lungs, sinuses, and skin from dust mites should be a priority.  After all, why risk your health or the health of your family?

Dust mite proof covers are specially designed for pillows, mattresses, and comforters.  They should be the first step for everyone looking to decrease dust allergy symptoms and improve sleep and hygiene.

Quick Pick (read below for review)

Best Duvet Cover for Allergies: Allersoft 100% cotton allergy cover

My Experience with an Allergy-Proof Comforter Cover

As I mentioned earlier, allergy-proof duvet covers aren’t well-known.  They’re a specialized product aimed at providing protection to people with dust mite allergy symptoms.

They can also be a good tool to protect against pet allergens because their woven threads are so small, they won’t allow pet dander to penetrate the cover.

Most people who are allergic to dust mites will overlook one piece of bedding, the duvet cover.  They simply purchase the mattress and pillow covers and believe they are protected.

Yet how many of us use the same blanket we’ve had for years?  And how often is it cleaned?

The great thing about a dust mite proof comforter cover is that you can still use that old blanket, and you won’t have to clean it as much. When I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy, I purchased an allergy-proof duvet cover and noticed the difference immediately.

I used in on my bed and I also used it while watching TV on the couch.  It helped and it can help you if your dust mite allergies are problematic.  Remember, after you buy the mattress protector and pillow protectors, don’t forget the 3rd component of the bed (there’s also a 4th component – the box spring cover!).

In this article, I’ll mention why duvet covers for allergies are worthwhile.

Dust Mite Proof Duvets and Comforter Covers

Below is my review for the best duvet or comforter cover for dust mites.  I only reviewed 4 because dust mite comforter covers are less common than mattress and pillow covers and only made by serious allergy brands!

These covers, ranging from polyester, cotton, and microfiber, are excellent choices for your dust mite allergy needs.

  • Both Mission Allergy (No. 2) and Allersoft (No. 1) are industry leaders in providing dust mite protection with material that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.  Their dust mite proof duvet covers are second-to-none.  Mission Allergy also provides dust mite proof blankets and pillows if you’d like to side-step the cover
  • The Stretch Knit Duvet Cover (No. 3) is an affordable option that’s also waterproof.  Be warned, due to it being waterproof it isn’t breathable.  For children, this might not be an issue but for adults, it may cause you to sweat.
  • We’re confident that these products are “best in class” so they can help you get rid of dust mites naturally.

Rankings were established based on personal experience, price, comfort, and dust mite allergy reviews consolidated from sellers.

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The Best Duvet or Comforter Cover for Dust Mite Allergy

No. 1 Allersoft 100% Dust Mite and Allergy Control Duvet Protector

The Allersoft duvet cover is 100% cotton and made in the U.S.A.  It uses the best fabric on our list and you don’t have to worry about it making noise or getting hot because it’s all cotton. As a customer of Allersoft, I like the company and appreciate that it stands by its products.

It’s feather proof, bed bug proof, and dust mite proof, and water resistant (though not waterproof).  The tightly woven cotton allows Allersoft to protect from dust mites, pollen, and dander while still being breathable.  It has a zipper and convenient ties in the corners to keep the duvet in place.

>> check sizes, reviews on Amazon

The quality is evident through the soft feel of the material.  The cotton is thicker than most people expect but that’s because it has a dense weave to keep out allergens.  The average pore size is 3.44 microns, much smaller than the 10 microns recommended for dust mites and even smaller than the 6 microns recommended for cat dander.

One thing to consider is the cotton is slightly see-through but you shouldn’t use the duvet cover on the outside anyway and it can be hidden with another comforter cover. It comes in 1 color (white) and more bed sizes than the other products on our list offer (twin, king, queen, jumbo queen, jumbo king, and long twin).

Allersoft’s reasonable price and quality product make this dust mite proof duvet cover rank highest on our list.

Allersoft also has a lifetime warranty!  Yes, a lifetime.  So don’t worry about quality, this company is the real deal.

This product has the most reviews on our list – we think this is because there are more sales (good product at a good price).  Reviewers like the product, its softness, but do have some suggestions to improve the product.  A few negative comments are 1) no outside ties (for use under a regular duvet), 2) material is too thin, 3) it’s too long.  The positive reviews definitely outnumber the suggestions so Allersoft tops our list as best duvet for allergies!

No. 2 Mission Allergy – Allergen-proof comforter cover – Premium Microfiber

Another flawless product from Mission Allergy!  The only reason it’s ranked number 2 is because it has the highest price on the list.  Don’t worry though, if you buy from Mission Allergy the improvement in sleep is worth the cost.

Recommended by allergists, including mine, and backed by research from a 3rd party (Indoor Biotechnologies Inc), this duvet cover for allergies blocks 100% of dust mites, pet dander. It’s also bed bug proof.

The fabric is a soft, breathable microfiber.  To the touch, it feels cool and silky.  It has an average pore space of 2 microns which blocks all allergens and was tested by a 3rd party to ensure its claims.

I like the fact it comes in 3 colors (white, natural, and blue-grey) and 4 sizes, twin, full, queen and king.  Because the fabric is woven so tight water will pool on the surface before soaking in slowly – the fabric is considered water-resistant (short period of time) but not waterproof.

>> check Mission Allergy reviews on Amazon

Unlike other dust mite covers, this one looks great on its own without an additional cover to hide it, however, it’s always good to use another cover on top.  As a customer myself, I recommend this product without hesitation.

You can use it with an old or new blanket and this dust mite proof duvet cover will protect you from contact with what resides inside the blanket.  If you’re using a new blanket, this duvet cover will keep any mites from colonizing the fabric.

As expected with most Mission Allergy products, the reviews are superb. Comments range from “high-quality product”, to “does its job well”, to “well-priced (although the price is high)”.

Some people even said their doctor told them to buy it! The only negative comment we read is that it’s too slippery (not exactly bad).

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No. 3 Pinzon – Hypoallergenic Cotton Duvet Protector, Full/Queen 

Did you know Amazon has their own bedding brand?  The Pinzon hypoallergenic cotton duvet cover is under the umbrella of Amazon.

This product is very similar to our No. 1 ranking duvet cover but we rank it 4th.  It’s a similar product so you might be wondering why it’s ranked lower? Below are a few positive and negative aspects of the product.

First, as we stated, the Pinzon protector has some top-notch qualities.  It’s 100% cotton, “secure against dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens” (notice the quotes).

It’s also breathable which is a huge plus compared to our No. 3 ranked cover.  It also has a sturdy zipper on the side, not end, to make changing the cover easy.  One thing you’ll notice with this cover is an added layer of fabric for protection which is assuring for a dust mite cover (2 fabric layers).

>> check Pinzon sizes and reviews on Amazon

But here’s why I don’t like it.

  • It claims to be dust mite and allergy-proof, but it doesn’t say the average micron size (it MUST be under 10 microns).  Mentioning the micron size is extremely important for an allergy cover and an allergy sufferer, yet this product misses that fact.  When I buy products I always check the micron size and if a lab tested it.
  • The other reason Pinzon isn’t higher on our list is because there is no warranty.  Sure if you order from Amazon and don’t like the product you can return (Amazon has a great return policy).  However, does this dust mite proof cover have a lifetime warranty like or Allersoft?….nope.
  • If you want to take a chance on an allergy product, this is a great product to try.  However, the lack of transparency with pore space (micron size), 3rd party testing, and no long-term warranty leads me to our products.

The reviews for this product are solid and Pinzon has filled gaps where the other products have missed.  For example, this duvet cover has exterior ties so you can easily attach it to another duvet (others on our list don’t have that).

Customers like the high-quality breathable cotton as well.  Pinzon has great feedback, I just wish they would test their product with a 3rd party.

No. 4 Stretch Knit – Polyester dust mite duvet cover for allergies (waterproof)

At a price point for budget-conscious shoppers, this dust mite duvet cover is made from 100% polyester and lasts “for years”.  Stretch Knit is well-reviewed and comes in one color, white.  It appeals to the eye but can cause sweating (not very breathable).

Because it’s waterproof it has a polyurethane layer and can be slightly noisy when you change positions on the bed (slight rustling sound).  It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, environmentally friendly, dust mite and bed bug resistant, and made in the U.S.A.

Better yet, it has a lifetime warranty.  It comes in three sizes: twin, queen, and king.  I don’t know about you, but I like buying products made domestically and with solid warranties.

>> check Stretch Knit sizes, reviews

Reviews for this product are generally positive but there is a recurring theme. Most people like the waterproof characteristics of the duvet cover, especially for cats and dogs that might sleep on the bed.

Many of the same people are torn about sleeping under the comforter cover because it gets hot (this is the downside to waterproof).  There is also a plastic-like feel to the cover, so you’ll need to consider if it’s worth it to you.

Note: this cover is also waterproof, potentially causing sweating, but could be great for allergic kids also prone to bed wetting.  Considering waterproofing, it’s a great multi-functional option for dust mite protection.

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Additional Considerations for Allergy Control

In addition to dust mite proof duvet covers, you should consider the pillow and mattress (best dust mite mattress covers).  According to research by National Geographic, a two-year-old pillow could be made up of 10-15 percent weight in dust mites and their feces.

As someone who suffers from dust mite allergy symptoms, that is scary.

Covering a new or old pillow with dust mite proof covers will eliminate much of the contact with your skin and prevent dust mites from hiding and breeding in your pillow.  The same is true for your mattress!

There are other steps you can take to ensure household dust mite protection.  Air purifiers work great for bedrooms (be sure to get one with a HEPA filter).

HVAC allergy filters, especially those made by Filtrete are excellent at filtering central heat and air.

Growing up my family purchased the most inexpensive HVAC filters and they actually made my allergies worse because the HVAC blew air but never captured the allergens around the house.

When we switched to Filtrete allergy filters, we felt a noticeable difference in our breathing and after a few months, the filter turned dark grey in color (yuck – but they were working).

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Lastly, consider the flooring in your home.  Carpets tend to trap dust mites and other allergens and even high-quality vacuums have a hard time cleaning carpets.

If you have the option, consider removing carpets and installing hard flooring which is also much easier to clean.  Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter is mandatory for someone with dust mite allergy.

If you’re not using a HEPA vacuum, then you aren’t vacuuming dust mites.  Only HEPA filters get the smallest of allergens from your home.


In this article we discussed how using a duvet cover for allergies can make a difference in your sleep and reduce nighttime allergy symptoms.  When I was first diagnosed with allergies my allergist recommended I get protective bedding.

I knew about mattress protectors and pillow protectors for allergies, but I wasn’t familiar with duvet or comforter covers.

I did my research and found that only a few companies offered comforter covers for allergies.  Among these were Allersoft, Mission Allergy, Stretch Knit, and Pinzon.  Each has pros and cons but Allersoft and Mission Allergy are the most reputable bedding companies on the market.

If you decide to go with Stretch Knit (great for kids and bedwetters) remember it will lack breathability and might get hot.  If you decide to purchase the Pinzon duvet cover for allergies, it will likely be effective but doesn’t have research backing their claims.

Allersoft and Mission Allergy comforter covers will be soft, comfortable and have the warranties to prove it.  We encourage you to read additional reviews and hear from other customers as well.

Finally, think about other areas in your home that can protect from allergies.  Making 1 change in your home might yield good allergy benefits, but imagine if you incorporate many changes like air purifiers, HVAC filters, HEPA vacuums.

I’ve improved quite a bit since my allergy diagnosis and we want you to achieve the same results.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best duvet cover for allergies. Are you interested in more dust mite allergy reviews?  If so, visit our website for more tips and information.