Dust Mite Allergy And Watery Eyes (5 Things That Caused It)

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Dust mites can be an annoying and tiresome source of allergies. Watery eyes are one of the main symptoms that you can experience.

It’s estimated that over 20 million people suffer from dust mite allergy and many people who experience symptoms don’t even know they’re allergic to dust mites.

I was one of these people who had no idea they were allergic to dust mites. In fact, I didn’t even know what dust mites were. I couldn’t see them so I must not have them in my house right? Wrong!

Watery eyes were one of my biggest symptoms. Thankfully, watering eyes didn’t keep me from doing the things I loved, nor was it painful like some of my other symptoms.

In the sections below I’ll share the situations that made my eyes water from dust mite allergy. If you’re dealing with watery eyes I hope my experience helps!

Dust Mite Allergy Made My Eyes Water In 5 Specific Situations

When my dust mite allergy was at its worst I experienced watery eyes constantly. It was like I was crying but I wasn’t!

It was annoying but it was easy to wipe away tears. I realized that my eyes watered more during specific situations. Let’s review each situation.

  • Eyes Watered When The Fan, Heater, Or Air Conditioning On Dust mite allergy symptoms and watery eyes

My eyes didn’t always water when I was indoors, only at certain times. I noticed a breeze, from an open door or window, would cause my eyes to water. At first, I thought it was something from outside but the same thing happened when a fan or the air conditioning was on.

When air blew inside the house it stirred up all the dust in the house. Dust mites, whether alive or dead and their feces, can become airborne easily.

And they can remain in the air for hours. We can’t even see dust mites so we don’t know they are in the air.

The fan and air-conditioning blew dust mite allergens in my eyes and they would water for hours afterward. I noticed my eyes didn’t water when the indoor air was not circulating.

  • Eyes Watered After Exercising

My eyes also watered after exercising. Actually, it happened anytime I breathed hard. I believe this happened because my body was trying to protect itself against harmful substances. My sinuses also produced more mucous after exercising.

  • Eyes Watered When Waking Up In The Morning

My eyes always watered in the morning when I woke up. As you probably know, dust mites thrive in our pillows, blankets, and mattresses. Our beds are dust mites favorite place.

At the time I didn’t understand why but I’d wake up crying (watering). After an hour or so my eyes would stop watering and get better throughout the day.

  • Eyes Watered After Dusting And Vacuuming

My eyes also watered after cleaning the house. If I was dusting or vacuuming my eyes would begin to water profusely. It was especially bad when sweeping (sweeping is a horrible idea for people with dust mite allergy).

  • Eyes Watered When I Was Tired

My eyes would begin to water if I stayed out too late or if I worked out too hard. My body was tired and wasn’t as resilient to the dust mite allergy.

Things You Might Notice About Your Watering Eyes

Dust Mite Allergy Might Cause Them To Water More In The Morning Less When Outside

My eyes watered worse in the morning when I woke up. On most days, my eyes would water less as the day progressed and I’d wake up the next day with the same problem.

This wasn’t always the case during winter or late summer when indoor heating and air conditioning was used. Forced air blew dust mite allergens into my eyes and I’d experience watery eyes all day.

Your Eyes Won’t Necessarily Be Red

People usually associated with allergies with red eyes however my eyes were rarely red, they just watered profusely.

Of course, watery eyes can also be red but it wasn’t a symptom I experienced often.

People Will Ask If You’re Upset

My eye was always watering when my allergies were at their worst. I’d often get asked “are you crying” or “are you ok”.

My response was always a laugh and a smile. No, I wasn’t being emotional, I just had to wipe away tears from the corner of eyes often. It came with having allergies.


Dust mite allergies often cause watery eyes. I know because I’ve endured allergies most of my life.

Certain times of year might cause my eyes to water more (winter and summer with forced air) and if I’m in a dusty house my eyes will begin to water.

Staying out late and not getting enough sleep also causes my eyes to water.

This symptom isn’t one of my worst, but it is annoying. After getting treatment my eyes rarely water now, however, I still keep a close eye on my environment and do my best to keep my house clean.

Hopefully, this article confirms the symptoms you’re experiencing with dust mite allergy. Check out my blog for more helpful tips and tricks to reduce the impact of dust mite allergy. The more I’ve learned about dust mites, the better I am at managing my allergy.

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  1. could I be allergic to my cat now that he spends more time in the house now that the
    tempter is very cold minus zero?


  2. Definitely, but you should be able to notice in all seasons. Cat dander is tiny and if you have cats it’s likely to be everywhere. Of course, make sure you visit an allergist if you’re concerned about it.

  3. I have had indoor and pet allergies my entire adult life. Certain times of the year they get worse, like in the fall. My doctor explained it this way. A person with allergies may be able to treat them successfully most of the time. He refers it as a bucket half filled with water. If something new is introduced, such as a dog or cat, it may be enough to make your bucket overflow. This is what happens when allergies flare up. When mine flare up, I can’t even wear the fragrance I have worn for 40 years!

  4. I’ve heard the same analogy about the bucket. Pet allergies are terrible especially when so many people have them (even on planes). I love dogs but had a hard time being around them. Allergy shots have helped though! Thanks for the comment, wish you the best!

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