8 Allergy Masks Reviewed: Best For Running, Mowing, Sleeping

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We’ve all seen people wearing an allergy or asthma face mask to protect from pollution, allergens, and dust. But these masks aren’t just for allergies, they’re for your health. I’ll share and rank the best allergy mask below!

Doctors wear face masks during surgery to protect their patients, industrial workers wear them to protect from dust and chemicals, athletes can use allergy masks for running, while others wear for racing dirt bikes.  Last week on TV I even saw a collegiate long-distance runner win a race wearing an allergy mask.

In this article, we’ll share the best mask for people who suffer symptoms from inhalant allergy and asthma, sinus inflammation, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and rashes. As an allergy sufferer myself, I’ve purchased a few allergy masks and I did a lot of research.

I hope this article helps in your search for the best allergy face mask.

This review has 3 sections:

Section 1: Casual and Functional

Section 2: At Work

Section 3: Exercise and Sport

Best Allergy Face Mask

BrandValveType/Best UseCost
Comfy Mask-Casual$
3M Half Facepiece RespiratorIndustrial valveWork$$
3M Aura Particulate RespiratorSingleWork$
Respro Bandit Scarf-Exercise, Performance$$
Cambridge Mask CompanySingleCasual, Exercise$$
Respro Ultralight MaskDualExercise, Performance$$
VogmaskDualCasual, Exercise$$

My Experience with Allergy and Face Masks

My experience and need for wearing an allergy mask stem from 2 memories.

(1) When I was a teenager I wore my first mask. It was an experiment and yes, I wore it mowing the lawn. I mowed the lawn every week from age 10-18. allergy masks for indoors, outdoors, exercise, air pollution

It was my way of contributing to the home and I wanted to receive my monthly allowance. But something annoying happened every summer. I would start to get itchy and by the end of summer, I always developed a few persistent rashes (eczema).

I wondered why the rash only appeared in late summer so I began to run some less-than-scientific tests to see if I could solve the issue. I started wearing an allergy face mask while I mowed and guess what? Nothing improved.

I didn’t know any better so I stopped wearing dust masks and lived my life. Looking back I believe it was a poor quality mask of the 1990s. HEPA, carbon filters, and fabric pore space weren’t exactly well-known terms in the 1990s.

(2) My second experience would come years later and things would begin to make sense. I took a motorcycle trip while working as a consultant in Asia. I wore one of those small helmets that only covered the top of my head.

My ears, nose, mouth, and eyes were exposed. I drove around for hours, thoroughly enjoying myself.  I was like the dog you see in a car with its head out the window – taking in the fresh air.  I was fine all day, but the next day was another story.

I woke up the following morning and my eyes were swollen shut, ears plugged, lips itchy, and nose stuffed up. I realized then and there that I had serious allergies that needed to be addressed, and my allergies didn’t stop outside. I learned later that I had severe dust mite allergy as well (inside the house).

These days I wear a high-quality face mask for many occasions. I’ll wear one while dusting and vacuuming the house, outside while mowing the lawn and raking leaves, and on a bike and motorcycle when I commute to work.

Take it from me, it’s amazing what the best masks can do for your quality of life.

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What Are Allergy Masks

Think of an allergy mask as an air purifier that you wear! We use air filters for our HVAC and air purifier devices in our homes, but an allergy mask is a bit different.  It can travel with us and be worn.

Some are even stylish (yes allergy can be fashionable).

An allergy mask covers your airways; the nose and mouth. It allows you to breathe pollution and allergen-free air into your sinuses and lungs and also lets you exhale the same air out through a filter or valve.

Valves are essential if you are using a mask to exercise or work outside, otherwise, it might get too hot.

Allergy masks usually attach to your face by hooking behind the ears and/or a strap behind the head or neck.  They can be made from finely woven cloth, microfiber, cotton or plastic/paper material.

How Do Allergy Masks Filter Air

The top masks filter air differently based on their specific function. The most common masks focus on particulate arrestance or carbon-activated filtration.

You may have heard the term HEPA which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. Good quality vacuums and air purifiers use HEPA filters to capture the smallest particulates from the air (less than 1 micron).

HEPA filters are the best option for allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Even tightly woven fabrics like silk can offer good (not best) level of protection from aeroallergens because the fibers are so finely woven they don’t allow allergens to pass.

Other filters are better for capturing gases like odors, chemicals, exhaust, and other harsh substances from the air that may cause asthma and allergy.  These work great for city dwellers and bicycle commuters that breathe vehicle exhaust as well as dust.

These days, advanced allergy masks offer a combination of filters (2 in 1) for allergens, bacteria, and chemicals!  We’ll talk about the types of filtration to choose from below.

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What Mask Do I Need To Buy

When buying an allergy mask you’ll need to know what you’re allergic to and how you’ll be using the mask. Are you allergic to harsh chemicals and work in a factory?

If so, you’ll probably want to make sure your filter has a carbon activated filter.

Maybe you’re biking to and from work and need something for pollen and dust protection. If so, focus on particulate masks or finely woven fabrics that can filter the air.

Some filters tend to heat up because the exhaled air can’t escape the filter. If you need a filter for exercise or outdoor work, you should consider an allergy mask with at least one exit valve and two valves work even better (don’t worry, we mention a few on our list).

You’ll notice air exit valves on the face masks we review. They look like plastic circles on either side (or middle) of the mask.

Understand that each type of filter or respirator we list has its own advantages, so select one according to your individual needs.

Cotton or silk filters

These are tightly woven fabrics with high quality, soft material. They function well for cleaning around the home or walking to the grocery store.

Cotton and silk allergy masks are reusable, washable, and lightweight. They don’t use filters (although some have carbon filter inserts), rather they protect you with their finely woven fabric – most allergens can’t pass through.

Cotton and silk allergy masks are usually a classy, affordable option for people with moderate allergies. They don’t, however, do much for gases or chemicals.

Over time the fabric may stretch out due to washing and folding.  If so, their effectiveness as a filter will decrease.

Carbon activated filter

These filters protect from chemicals and are commonly used in industry. As mentioned above, these are popular in factories or cleaning in the home, carbon activated filters are highly effective to protect you from air pollution.

These masks often have air valves for exhaled air to exit.

They usually come at a mid-to-high price point and often have replaceable filters.  You’ll see a few of the masks on our list have carbon filters.

Companies use this filter to help with smog and pollution in the city (vehicle exhaust).


These filters are what you think of when you hear the term allergy face mask. They do a fine job of preventing dust mites, pollen, and pet dander from entering your airways.

Often times these are single-use and disposable, however, well-made options will allow you to change the filter.

Some models have air valves so the mask doesn’t become too hot (filters with valves are my preference).  HEPA filters do the best job of capturing particulates.

HEPA filters for allergy masks are labeled as N100, however, N99 and N95 are more common allergy filters that will work great for people with allergies or sensitive lungs.

  • N100 captures 99.97% of particulate matter
  • N99 captures 99% of particulate matter
  • N95 captures 95% of particulate matter

Particulate and Carbon Activated Filter

Improvements in technology have allowed newer allergy masks to include particulate and carbon activated filters. The combination of these filters allows users to breathe pure air, no matter the environment.

A few of the reviews on our list use both so be sure to consider them!

Best Allergy and Asthma Mask for Dust, Pollution, Sleeping, Running, and Mowing

Our rankings have 3 sections: (1) casual + functional, (2) at work, and (3) exercise or commuting (performance), however, don’t let our classifications keep you from using one for another activity.

Many of these companies are multifunctional brands that have various options for household and activity.

Section 1: Casual + Functional Face Masks

No. 1 Vogmask Chakra N99 CV

“I travel a lot and needed a mask when I went to dirty, polluted countries (Yes, I know many cities in the U.S. have bad pollution too). For this business trip, I was going to China. Last time I visited I was coughing and taking so many antihistamines. I felt terrible and was embarrassed that my immune system was going haywire. This time was different with Vogmask. I was actually recommended it by a Chinese friend.  That impressed me. I felt better in the city and walked around in style with a cool print.   I recommend this 100%.” – Vogmask customer

There are many highlights with this allergy mask.  Even though we’re including it in our “casual” section, Vogmask makes high-quality masks that can be used with a more active lifestyle.  If you compare this mask to the other casual option, well, there is little to compare (good for Vogmask).

Vogmask is a company out of San Francisco that is just beginning to make strides as a well-known allergy mask company.  Even though many Americans haven’t heard them, the Chinese are very familiar as it’s one of the company’s biggest markets.

allergy mask reviews- best mask for allergies


  • N99CV, which means certified protection
  • Filtering textile
  • Carbon filter textile
  • Exhale valve
  • Particle protection (allergens) to .3 micros
  • PM 2.5 particles for pollution
  • Eco-friendly, reusable

In my opinion, Vogmask does something that few of their competitors can.  That is, combine fashion with functionality.  The creators of this company actually came up with the idea after attending a music festival and were disappointed with the air filters they were using.

We recommend this mask because of its performance and appearance.  The high-quality filter comes built into the mask and uses a N99 filtering media, carbon filter, and one exhale valve.

The dual filters capture allergens, smoke, pollution, exhaust, and odors.  Basically, it blocks everything you can imagine and the air exit valve comes in handy so your face doesn’t overheat.

There are a lot of cool colors and designs to chose from too.

check Vogmask prints on Amazon (sold out at the moment)

Vogmasks can be used until the date listed on the package. Filters cannot be replaced, however, the mask can be gently washed by hand then air dried (not drier).

As the carbon filter captures microscopic particles in the filter, breathing through the mask will slowly become more difficult over time (don’t worry, the mask will last a number of months even if you use frequently).

Once the expiration date is reached, Vogmask recommends buying a new mask.  Investing in 1-3 of these masks each year, and upgrading your style is a solid investment for your street cred. and health.

No. 2 Comfy Mask – Elastic Strap Dust Mask By Breathe Healthy

“In my previous job, I worked at an industrial plant and had to wear a dust mask. It was square and sturdy with rubber straps that went around the head. So when I bought this comfy mask I was skeptical that it would do anything to help my allergies. I was surprised that it fits better and is more comfortable than my other one. It also works well for pollen and dust. I haven’t washed it yet but I like how it works. It’s a quality product.” Breathe Healthy Mask customer 


  • Reusable
  • Good for dust, spores, dander, germs, and bacteria
  • Polyester/Cotton blend
  • Breathable but no air exit valve
  • Elastic attaches behind the ear

Comfy mask is a polyester and cotton blend that provides comfort to the user.  The masks are treated with an anti-microbial agent, making it great for use in public; think trains, subway, buses, and airplanes.

The design offers a soft, clean look with various colors and elastic loops that go around your ear.  I like this mask because it is wide, giving me a larger surface area for protection.

It rests softly on the bridge of the nose too

check Comfy Mask colors and reviews on Amazon

I recommend this mask to someone looking for travel protection or walking to-from the office to your vehicle.  It offers a casual look but still is effective and its trademarked “Microbe Shield” provides protection to 1 micron, much smaller than dust mites, pollen, and dander.

You’ll notice with this allergy mask that there is no filter insert, nor is there an exhale valve.  I’ve found that the microfiber masks to a great job with allergens, however, if you need for pollution, smoke, exhaust, chemicals, and other gases, you might want a mask with filter insert.

Section 2: At Work

No. 1 – 3M(TM) Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly 6291/07002(AAD), Medium, with 3M(TM) Particulate Filters 2091/07000(AAD), P100

“This respirator has a great HEPA filter for all your allergens. I wear this mask for mowing, at work in my shop, and around the house when cleaning. The straps keep the mask on tight but not too tight, and it doesn’t get very hot when breathing, good ventilation. I like that it’s reusable too.” – 3m facepiece respirator customer


  • Durable mask and reusable
  • Replaceable HEPA filters
  • Filter system can be replaced with a variety of options
  • Soft, lightweight facepiece
  • Particulate 100% and NIOSH approved

So this is one of my favorites and a best seller.  It has over 1,100 reviews and a high average rating.  So, why is this mask so good?  It combines performance with convenience.

The mask fits on the head with a better strap (see photo) instead of cheap elastic bands.  The mask is good quality and will last a long time.  It is the best allergy mask for mowing grass.

>> check 3M details and reviews on Amazon

The filters are P100 which means it captures 100% of particulate matter up to .3 microns in size.  But you don’t have to use these filters, 3M makes different style filters for your individual needs.

Once you’ve worn the filters out, they easily come off and you can attach new filters of your choice.  In the video below, a woman explains the concept easily and shows how the filters are removed and replaced (replaceable filters can be purchased here).

As someone who needs a filter around the house to clean and work outside, this is a perfect choice, but it could also work well for someone working as a woodworker, mechanic, janitor, trash man, plumber (you get the point).

As someone who prefers to reuse rather than throw things away, I like the fact that this mask is reusable and only the filters are thrown out.  Another good choice from 3m.

No. 2 – 3M Aura Particulate Respirator 9211+/37193(AAD) N95, Stapled Flat Fold Disposable, Exhalation Valve (Case of 10)

“This is one of the better disposable masks you can get from 3M. I use disposables because I don’t want to change filters or wash them. The N95 means it gets 95% of the smallest of particulates. This model also fits more comfortable than many other allergy masks. Let’s face it, you can trust a 3M to do what it claims.” – 3M customer 


  • Lightweight and breaks down flat for storage
  • Disposable
  • Lawn mowing mask, outside work, or for city
  • Exhale valve (respirator) prevents heat
  • N95, approved particulate filter
  • Braided head back to keep hair from catching
  • Sculpted nose panel that follows the shape of wearers nose
  • NIOSH approved

Like the above review mentioned, you know what you’re getting with 3M.  This is a product you can count on to perform well.

It lacks much of the flare factor that other allergy masks have but this is for work, so no need to look stylish.

This mask also works well for mowing and working in the yard.

The mask (also called respirator by 3m) is simplicity at its best.  It folds flat for easy storage.  You can easily stack them in a corner at work.

Even though its a minimalist type respirator for working, it still has a convenient exhale valve so your face doesn’t heat up.

check 3M reviews and price on Amazon (currently sold out)

It uses an N95 approved filter.  That means the mask filters 95% of airborne materials down to .3 microns, so it definitely works for allergens too.

It is not resistant to oil.  Although its disposable for daily use, this mask could be used for a week or two then replaced.  If using for a particularly dusty or dirty job, daily replacing would be best

3M mentions the ideal use is for aircraft, ships, vehicles, and applications range from grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging, and more dusty duties.  If it can help with those jobs, it would do the trick for mowing the lawn.

Section 3: Exercise and Commuting (Performance)

No. 1 Bandit Scarf by Respro

“The bandit scarf is cool and something new for allergy masks, thank God because those 3M masks are old school and tired. The mask gives good coverage and is adjusted with ties….this is a big plus because sizing can be a real issue with masks. I didn’t realize when I bought it but the scarf material is the actual filter and the carbon-activated filter is sown between the fabric. You use it for about 6 months then its done, no replacing the filter. I like it, it’s easy and works! – Respro Bandit Scarf customer


  • Bandana style
  • Charcoal filter and HEPA type filter
  • Perfect for off-road, dusty conditions
  • Washable (by hand)
  • 6 months use
  • Not reusable (no filter change)

I’ve got to admit, part of the reason we included this allergy face mask is that it’s an original idea and cool.  Respro came up with this idea to create an allergy mask that doesn’t look like one.

If you’re wearing this in public people will just think it’s a bandana, not a high-quality filter.

check Respro details and reviews on Amazon

To make this mask, Respro sewed a carbon-based filter inside the allergen-proof fabric. So, you’ve got 2 layers of protection.

The coverage of this mask cannot be matched by the other options in our review because the mask even covers a portion of the throat.

This would be perfect for people on motorcycles (even when you wear a helmet the air comes up from below).

Respro’s Bandit Scarf can be tied in two areas 1) with the actual scarf, behind the head and 2) with a drawstring under your chin.  This gives the Bandit Scarf flexibility with sizing which is wonderful.

The nose piece is also sown into the scarf and is reinforced with a flexible nose piece that forms to fit your face.  Check out the video below.  This is a fun product and a good option for those suffering from allergy and pollution.

No. 2 Cambridge Mask Company Anti Pollution Mask Military Grade N99 Washable Respirator with New Adjustable Straps – Allergy  – Cambridge Mask Co.

“This company works with the British Military for their face masks which are a big deal. I like the ventilation in this mask because it allowed me to wear it for long periods of time. It worked well for me with smog, pollution, dust, and allergies. I haven’t been able to bike or run wearing it yet but I will soon. Money well spent!” – Cambridge Mask Co. customer


  • Lab tested with British military filtration
  • Captures almost 100% of pollution, gas, and bacteria
  • Ideal for high pollution areas
  • Gasses and smells of PM 2.5, PM.03 for pollen, dust mites, and dander
  • Small storage, fashionable

The Cambridge Mask Company (CBC) was founded by Christopher Dobbing who lived in China and encountered many people with respiratory disease.  People unable to breathe is what inspired him to make a better mask and improve lives.

CBC uses a triple layer filtration process.  Layer 1) captures much of the larger particulates from pollution, 2) is a 3-ply micro-particulate filter and is designed to filter the smaller particulates including pollen, dust, dander, and dust mites. 3) is the inner filtration which is activated carbon aimed at blocking chemical and biological gases.

Here’s something that separates this filter from the others.  The carbon activated layer is treated with silver to ensure almost all harmful pathogens are removed and killed.

I’m not sure how the silver works, but I’m already convinced.  Anything good enough for the British military is good enough for me

>> check Cambridge details and reviews on Amazon

This face mask isn’t only for strenuous outdoor activity, it is truly versatile and used for high pollution areas, woodworking, asthma and allergy sufferers, and for people with respiratory disease.  CBC has 5 sizes to choose from including child size.

The mask can be used for 200-340 hours depending on the pollution levels. We estimate the lifespan to be 3-6 months.

In between use the allergy mask can be hand washed with soap and water and hung to dry.  After the mask’s expiration date occurs, we think you’ll be a return customer.

 No. 3 Ultralight Mask by Respro

“I love the ultralight by Respro for my asthma and this is the top allergy mask for running. I workout wearing it, ride my bike and even travel with it. My asthma has gotten worse over the years, I guess due to getting older. I really enjoy being outside so I get discouraged and Respro is helping me stay active. The only advice I’d give is to check the sizing and make sure you know their guidelines to order something for your face. Great product and makes me look tough too.” Ultralight Mask by Respro customer


  • Comes in 2 colors Olive green and Black
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Great allergy mask for running
  • Power Elite valve for max exhale and less heat
  • Nose clip and carry bag
  • HEPA type filter with PM2.5 protection (99% filtration/.3 microns
  • Diesel particulates, hot, dusty, allergens
  • Velcro fastening
  • 4 sizes

If there’s a best allergy mask for running, then this is it. Respro company has been around since 1993 and it’s come a long way in providing quality allergy masks for people with an active lifestyle.

They are manufactured and distributed from the UK and have expanded into new markets and the world stage after educating the public on the worldwide pollution epidemic.  Markets in China and Singapore continue to grow and Respro is there to help

>> check Respro options and reviews on Amazon

I really like this mask and the fact that the filters are replaceable.  Respro advises to replace the filters every 69 hours, so if you use infrequently, it should last a while.  The outer shell should be washed occasionally based on your usage.

When washing, remove the filter and valves (for sizing you can also check on the Respro website.  I also like that its reusable and their website offers replaceable filters.

The Repro brand is solid and the products look nice.  While wearing, people will notice that it is of high quality.  If you go to high pollution areas like China, India, Singapore you’ll get all kinds of compliments.   You might feel like Bane from Batman, but your lungs will thank you.

No. 4 Vogmask AquaSplash N99C2V Organic (Large)

“I took a chance on Vogmask after doing some preliminary research on the world wide web. Turns out these guys are like a tech company for healthy air. They are based in San Francisco, California but do a lot of business in Asia due to the pollution there. I like my mask because 1) it works – it doesn’t get too hot and I breathe better, and 2) the company has good style and patterns to choose from. Cheers to functionality AND creativity.” – Vogmask customer


  • N99 certified to block 99% of particles .3 microns and larger
  • Carbon filter blocks gases, odors, and chemicals
  • Non-replaceable but affordable for new purchase
  • Expiration date
  • Washable
  • Organic style

Yes, we’re back as promised with another Vogmask product. This one is more functional for activity yet still has some style.  You’ll notice that it has 2 exhale valves.

We considered this in our review and that’s why it could be a good option outdoors, whether biking, running, or driving with the windows down (kidding).

However you chose to use it, Vogmask will make the activity more healthy.  This AquaSplash is stylish and made with organic cotton and coloring.  Our earlier Vogmask option was a microfiber and not organically made.

Similar to the first mask you will need to change it eventually, the filters are not replaceable.  You can wash it occasionally but as you begin to work harder breathing in the mask, it will be time for a replacement

check Vogmask styles and reviews on Amazon

One thing I like about Vogmask is they aren’t trying to lock you in with reusable filters.  If you like their product you can be a return customer, if not, you can move on.

I will say that purchasing replaceable filters can cost almost as much as buying a new allergy mask, so pick what you prefer. Helpful sizing can be found on the Vogmask website.

Our Favorite Picks

Casual + Functional

Vogmask takes the cake with a functional, yet stylish face mask.  Of course, we like the style, but an allergy mask should also do its job, right?  This choice doesn’t sacrifice any filtering performance and its reputation is growing.

My Pick:

Vogmask Chakra N99 CV

At Work

3M knows what it’s doing with breathing protection. Not only can they make us feel healthy while wearing their masks, but they also make a darn good HVAC allergy filter that acts like a purifier for my whole house (check out the HVAC article here).  I trust this mask and like that you can replace the filters.

My Pick:

3M(TM) Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly

Exercise and Commuting (Performance)

We’ve encountered a tie for this category, but the silver lining is they are both UK companies.  I think they’re doing something right.

I keep imagining myself riding a motorcycle with the Bandit Scarf, I’d look cool and people wouldn’t know I had allergies.  I really like the coverage it provides because its way more than the others and is easier for sizing.

The CMC mask provides performance, a few colorful options, and 2 exhale valves.   I think it would be great for outdoor activity.  The mask has a 3-6 month lifespan that is longer than many of the others on our list. Can’t forget the bonus of its military-grade testing.

My Picks:

Bandit Scarf by Respro


Cambridge Mask Company Grade N99

What Are The Top Allergy Mask Brands

When I first wore a mask for allergy protection, it was the 1990s and allergy face masks weren’t exactly a lucrative market. There were a few types of masks and 3M comes to mind as the most well-known. They made good quality masks but were more practical than comfortable.

The industry has come a long way since the 1990s and 3M remains a solid brand. Newer brands, specializing in comfort and performance are now gaining market share and provide great products.


3M still focuses on household and commercial use. Many of their models are disposable and are sold in boxes of 20-50 masks. They are a respected company and work well for yard work and other activities outside.

Respo, Cambridge Mask Co.

Respo and Cambridge Mask Company can be considered the new kids on the block even though Respro as been around since the 1990s. They are both based out of the UK and have quickly gained market share with athletes as well as highly allergic and asthmatic individuals.

Their area of expertise is outside activity and performance. They also invest their research and development in fashion to make what seems to be a goofy health accessory look stylish.


Best mask for allergies-exercise-mowing lawn

Vogmask is an up-and-coming company providing good quality filtration at a reasonable price. They combine ultrafine woven material (particulate protection) with carbon activated inserts and sell to the consumer who might wear while walking to and from work, while sick, on a plane, or in a polluted city.

In my opinion, Vogmask is making its name with protection + style. They have a number of options for valves which help reduce overheating.

My most recent purchase was a Vogmask Black N99 C2V (Organic).  I bought it because it’s an innovative company making function and stylish masks.

I’m not the most stylish guy, so I went with a black color.  Vogmask seems like a reputable company so I know the technology is legitimate – it will filter the allergens that bother me.

I decided on this model because it has 2 air valves to release hot air.  I’ve always been bothered while breathing with a mask on.  I don’t like the heat or moisture and I expected this allergy mask to help.  It has.

Best allergy mask - allergy mask reviews

I’m a tall guy and went with the large size.  It fits my face better than I expected.  There’s a metal nose piece to press down and seal the space on the sides of the nose.

The metal is covered by soft fabric so doesn’t bother my nose.  The mask material is soft and thick, yet it doesn’t get too hot which surprises me.

The ear straps are thick and haven’t bothered my ears at all.  I’m skeptical the straps could be prone to stretching out over time (I’ll update this later) but for now, they work fine around my ears.

I thought I’d be able to feel the hot air exit the mask as I exhaled – I can only feel with my hand if I exhale forcefully.  For the most part, I don’t feel hot air exiting the valve (maybe the hot air exits passively).

I have noticed that my mouth isn’t as hot so it’s working.  I like this mask and according to the instructions, it will last a number of months.

A Few More Questions You Might Be Wondering

When Should You Wear An Allergy Mask

This is a popular question for allergic individuals. Consideration should be made for the sensitivity and activity.

For someone like me who has moderate-severe allergies to many things, I would wear an allergy mask for the following:

  • Working outside (lawn mowing etc)
  • Dusting or vacuuming inside the house
  • Commuting (riding a bike or motorcycle to work)
  • Exercising outdoors (running, long walk)
  • On a plane or bus (I always use to get sick on planes)
  • When I have a cough

Should I Get Reusable, Disposable, or Washable Allergy Mask

The type of allergy mask you purchase should also meet your needs. I prefer to limit waste and I stay away from disposable products (just the recycler in me).

I also prefer to have 1 good quality item that I can use again and again. If I purchase a nicer allergy mask that costs a premium, you bet I’ll take good care of it.

Even with reusable masks, you’ll need to change the filter occasionally. But it really depends on the use. If you’re using the mask every day, then you’ll want to clean weekly and replace the filter 1 or 2x per month.

If you’re only using 1 or 2 times per week, then you can wash less frequently and replace the filter every 3-6 months. Just remember when you’re not using it, keep it in a place where it won’t get dusty, like a zip lock back.

Sizing a Mask

Some allergy masks have different sizes and others are one size fits all. Be sure to check your purchase to see if there are options.

I know a few companies have a sizing guide to look at. For example, I know Cambridge Mask Company masks run smaller so carefully select a size that can work for.

Other mask sizes are offered for women and children which is helpful if you’re buying for a child with allergies.  I’ve listed a few of the company websites to check for their sizing guideline, check them out in their review.

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If you’re thinking about buying a mask make sure you consider how you will use it.

Will you use it for travel, work, or do you need it for outdoor exercise?  Do you need something reusable or are disposable filters sufficient?  How about the filter?.

We’ve provided some good information on buying your first face mask, but don’t stop here, continue to research for the best allergy mask that will improve your health.  The world is becoming more and more polluted and although some countries have reached the top of the Environmental Kuznet Curve, it will be many years until our city air improves.

Make an investment in your health no matter how funny (or stylish) it looks.  A mask could save your life!

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  1. Have you done any research on masks for eyeglass wearing users? I have had issues with my glasses not settling at the proper distance or being pushed up or fogging from various masks or respirators.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’ve had that problem as well. I haven’t looked into masks for glasses but it’s a good suggestion. I’ll add it to my list of future articles. You’d definitely need a good upper seal to prevent fogging – off the top of my head I can’t think of a good option. The Respro scarf mask might be good because it tightens well but it might be the wrong style for casual use.

  3. Hi, great and oh so helpful article! I have asthma which is triggered by both chemicals and allergens. My biggest issue with masks is not the exhale, but the inhale. I feel like I’m not getting enough air while I’m wearing them and need to take a big breath in to get enough air into my lungs. Women have smaller lung capacities than men which I think may be part of the problem and not considered much by mask manufacturers. I need one I can wear for an hour or two and comfortably breath. Can you recommend a mask that is easy to breath in through?

  4. Take a close look at allergy masks with 2 valves. Many only have one, but a few on this list have 2 and allow more air. I’ve had the same problem!

  5. Hi, that is so very interesting to me, I have severe vegetable peel allergy, meaning when I peel potato. Apple .carrot… Name any I am probably allergic to it. I get into hours of sneezing. Although I am pretty sure it is probably chemicals use in food industry in the US, because all that started when I moved to Michigan. Never had problem like that when I lived in Europe. Anyway, which mask would you say would be the best in my situation ?I
    Thank you.

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