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I’m sharing the best brand names for anti-allergy bedding to ensure you’re buying quality products!  Today we’re sharing 4 reliable and reputable brands that specialize in allergy protection.

The best allergy bedding brands are:

  • Mission Allergy
  • Allersoft
  • BedCare
  • Evolon fabric Sleep-Safe Bedding

Maybe you’re like me and were recently tested for dust mite allergies and the tests came back positive.  You’ve talked to the doctor about your options and developed both short-term and long-term strategies to reduce your dust mite exposure.

Or maybe you have a child that developed rashes and a severe allergy to dust mites.  This was similar to my sister’s child and it was a challenging time for her family.

When her child was born she developed rashes all over her body for no apparent reason.

They looked at foods and environmental allergens and after being tested realized it was dust mites (they bought a crib dust mite cover).

If either one of these examples sound familiar, don’t worry, there are many of us in the same situation.  The good news is there are many ways to improve your allergy symptoms.

Now you’re home the computer, researching what kinds of covers, vacuums, and sprays to get for your home.  We’re here to make the process easier because I also went through the process and made many small mistakes along the way.

This blog shares my experience with anti-allergy brands (both good and bad) and should expedite the process for you.

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How Does Anti Allergy Bedding Prevent Dust Mites

Covers are a natural way to get rid of dust mites.  They are useful to cover 1) Pillows, 2) Mattresses, and 3) Comforters/blankets.  There are also options for box springs, dust mite proof pillows.

When I began looking for dust mite covers it was confusing.  At department stores, you’ll find all kinds of pillow and mattress encasings.

Some of them are for bed bugs, others for dust mites (sometimes called bed mites), and some include moisture protection.  As I came to discover, there are many brands that make claims but only a few that use 3rd party research to prove their claims.

Because I was new to dust mites, the first dust mite covers I purchased had a thin, plastic-like material.  It looked sufficient to me because I had nothing to compare them to.

Needless to say, they were the cheapest options I found.  I went home, put them over my pillows and mattress, and proceeded to sweat for several days.

I expected the dust mite covers to reduce my dust allergy symptoms, and maybe they did, but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep.  It defeats its purpose if the cover causes other problems, right?

I thought my body would adjust but it didn’t.  Eventually, I had to take the covers off.  My 1st experience with dust mite proof bedding was bad.

My second purchase of dust mite covers were all cotton pillow covers and a generic brand from another department store.

I’ll withhold the name of the brand out of respect.  After a few washes, they began to fall apart, especially around the zipper.

Needless to say, I finally did some research.  I ended up paying a little more for a good product, but I slept well and reduced my symptoms.

Even better, I purchased products that had a 10-year warranty.  How about that guarantee for your health!  The following is my advice for selecting an anti-allergy cover and brand:

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Important Criteria for Allergy Bedding:

Type of material (cotton, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl)

  • It’s a contradiction if the product says “waterproof” and “breathable”.  Some products have a cotton-terry outer layer and vinyl or plastic undercover.  Just know that if the product says “waterproof” then it can’t be “breathable”.

  • For children, breathability might not be a problem, however, it tends to affect adults more because our bodies have greater surface area and more weight resting on the cover. The companies we highlight below are considered “water resistant”.

Pore size

  • Microns are used to measure “pore size”, or space between fibers. Pore size should be no larger than 10 microns for dust mite, bed bugs, and pollen protection.  The best dust mite covers are around 2 microns.  Cat dander can be around 6 microns so consider a smaller pore size for them.

  • Materials with small pore size will “resist” water yet be breathable.  They WON’T be 100% waterproof!  Water-resistant is a result of the small pore space so it will take a short amount of time before the water penetrates the cover

3rd party tested

  • I’ve found that very few allergy companies have research backing their claims.  You can look on the packaging, on their website, or just come to our website.

  • 3rd party testing gives confidence to a customer

  • Don’t simply listen to claims, research holds them accountable

Now that we know the criteria for good anti-allergy brands.  Let’s take a closer look at our recommendations for the best brand names for anti-allergy bedding.

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The Best Brand Names for Anti Allergy Bedding

We separated our recommendations into 2 categories:

1st Tier: Mission Allergy and Allersoft

2nd Tier: Bed Care and Evolon Sleep Safe Covers

The 1st Tier should be considered the top of the line.  They have a wide selection of allergy proof bedding.

The second options have quality products at a cheaper price, but they also have less selection for your bedding needs.  Consider both categories and decide what works best for you and your family.

1st Tier

No 1. Mission Allergy

My personal favorite!  In fact, as I write this article I’m laying on a pillow with a Mission Allergy cover (how about that for promotion!).  I’ve been using the same Mission Allergy products to prevent dust mites for 3 years with no complaints.

Based out of Newtown, Connecticut, Mission Allergy manufactures a variety of anti-allergy bedding products within the U.S.A.  Their technology is a “premium microfiber” fabric (100% polyester) that is soft, silky smooth, and cool to the touch. The coverings are good quality, and thick enough to last a lifetime.

They even sell down-comforters that are sewn with the protective microfiber which doesn’t let anything in or out of the comforter!  Their most popular products are a pillow, mattress, box spring, and duvet covers.

>> click to view Mission Allergy products on Amazon

The fabric’s average pore space is 2 microns, making it one of the tightest woven fabric on the market.  All Mission Allergy dust mite covers have peer-reviewed research that backs their effectiveness against not only dust mites, but also bed bugs and pet dander.

The prices come at a premium, but given the quality, I wouldn’t sacrifice my health with anything less.  And you can trust me – you won’t sweat using this product!

Mission Allergy has other great products, including crib mattress covers and dust mite proof comforters.

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No. 2 Allersoft

Allersoft is another brand I know I can count on.  They are based out of Deluth, Georgia where they’ve been making allergy proof products for 25 years.

Their products are also made in the U.S.A.!  So what separatesAllersoft from most of the other allergy proof brands?  Well, their products are 100% cotton.

When you think of allergen proof covers cotton doesn’t always come to mind.  Allersoft has figured out a way to utilize cotton but still prevent dust mites, bed bugs, and pet dander.

In doing so, their cotton covers are thick and sturdy, and the fibers are weaved extremely close together. In their products, the average pore space is 3.4 microns, assuring you that Allersoft is serious about protection

>> click to check Allersoft selection on Amazon

Allersoft is best known for their good looking mattress cover (pictured right), however they also make a nice pillow cover and comforter cover. The dust mite duvet (comforter) cover is highly recommended because they are hard to find!

Obviously, Allersoft covers are breathable.  If you have any doubts about a purchase, the life time warranty and 3rd party research ensure that you’re getting a quality product backed by the company.

We recommend them on our website as one of the best anti allergy cover brands.

Here’s a quick video about AllerSoft:

 2nd Tier:

No. 3 BedCare (National Allergy)

First things first: BedCare and AllerSoft likely come from the same umbrella company – both have the same address in Duluth, Georgia.  However, they do offer a few differences in the products.

We recommend both, so you can’t go wrong either way.

BedCare has a smaller selection of products than Mission Allergy and Allersoft.   Their most popular items are mattress covers, pillow covers, and an allergen barrier comforter.

The comforter is made with an ultra-fine weave that won’t allow dust, dirt, or other allergens in or out of the comforter.  That’s nice!

Tested by in-house laboratories, made in America, and recommended by over 10,000 doctors, BedCare dust mite covers offer solid dust mite protection with 100% cotton fabric.

For its organic cotton products, the average pore space is 4.8 microns, slightly larger than Mission Allergy and Allersoft, but small enough to keep out allergens.

>> click here to check BedCare on Amazon

It also has a lifetime warranty which is great.  These products will hit a home run with customers by allowing them to sleep peacefully at night.

This is a good, breathable fabric, from a well-respected anti-allergy company and easily meets our criteria and prevents dust mites!

No. 4 Evolon Fabric (Eco Living Friendly)

So, I’d like to preface this recommendation before we go any further.  I was conflicted about adding Evolon because:

  • I don’t feel strongly about the company selling the product (Eco Living Friendly).  In addition to this product, they also sell other products (not Evolon) that I don’t believe are good quality

  • The Evolon fabric parent company claims to be “eco friendly” because it doesn’t use binders, solvents, and PVC.  I’m sorry Evolon, there is nothing “eco friendly” or “sustainable” about polyester fabric.

With these two things in mind, I do recommend the Evolon fabric material to keep you and your family safe from dust mites and allergies, here’s why:

Evolon fabric is a polyester fabric, similar to our trusted, high-end Mission Allergy products.  They call it a microfilament and it is 100% dust mite, pet dander, and pollen proof.

It feels like a cotton material and is soft and smooth to the touch. Evolon fabric is German engineered so you know it’s quality (ok, I might have some German heritage in me, but they are known for engineering).

The reason this material ranks high on my list is the pore space, 1 micron.  Its tiny pore space makes it the smallest of our name brand recommendations and it comes at a bargain compared to the other products listed.  The fact there is pore space assures us that it is breathable as well

>> click here to check Evolon on Amazon

If pricing is the most important aspect of your buying decision this might be a great option. Keep in mind that some reviews commented on a “poor quality zipper”.

Another important thing: I found no warranty information while researching the product so purchase knowing the risk. Below is a video about the Evolon fabric:

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Mission Allergy, BedCare, and Allersoft are well-established companies dedicated to reducing allergies in while you sleep.  Although each company takes a slightly different approach with its offerings, from microfiber polyester to cotton, to organic, all produce products with comfort and quality in mind.

You can be sure that these 3 companies are:

  • Dust mite, bed bug, and aeroallergen proof (pollen, dander)
  • Breathable so you won’t sweat
  • Silent (non-plastic material)
  • Comfortable – 100% cotton or soft, silky polyester

Choose from these brands to ensure you’re getting a proven product that actually works.

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