Best Organic Spray To Kill Dust Mites: Dust Mite Killer For Allergies

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Dust mite spray is essential for people with allergy. It can help kill mites and if you use organic spray it can be therapeutic.

I’ll share a few dust mite killers and a money-saving tip to ensure your dust mite spray is effective and natural.  I believe these options should improve your allergy symptoms!

Chemical-free dust mite sprays have always been few and far between.  When I was a child my house was full of cleaning chemicals.  Sprays for floors, wood, dust, windows, and laundry, yet none of them were natural.

I always wondered how they affected my health and if their presence damaged my lungs.  Possible problems associated with chemical sprays are:

  • Allergic rash
  • Asthma
  • Irregular immune system development
  • Burning eyes
  • And a lot of things we don’t yet know!

These days the organic movement has inspired companies to produce healthier cleaning solutions.  A quick run to Whole Foods Market yields all kinds of chemical-free options for cleaning, but specific “natural dust mite spray” is still hard to find.

Throughout my battle with dust mite allergy, I’ve researched everything from dust mite spray to vacuums, to bed covers.  The items below are what we recommend as the best dust mite spray options to use around your house.

They will kill dust mites and, as a bonus, they can replace other cleaning products used for countertops and dusting.

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The Best Organic Spray to Kill Dust Mites

6. Bed Bug, Dust Mite ERADICATOR 24 oz, Natural Dust Mite Spray

“I use this to keep dust mites away in my bedroom.  I spray it every evening and so far, I am not sneezing and coughing in the morning.  I think its working and the fact that it’s a natural solution helps put my mind at ease.” – Eradicator customer

The Eradicator is one of the best spray options available.  The brand sells a variety of green, non-toxic, and biodegradable products.

Their bed bug and dust mite spray works well to kill both pests and most of the reviews I’ve read mention their effectiveness for dust mites.

Since the spray is non-toxic and natural, the directions state that the spray can be applied to mattresses, blankets, and pillows.  For my bedroom, I don’t use chemical products so the Eradicator would suffice as a good option for natural dust mite spray.

>> Amazon is currently out of stock (see below for other options)

Reviews of the product rave about its effectiveness on both bed bugs and dust mites.  A few allergy sufferers shared positive before and after results and said they experienced “less symptoms”.

This is a good option for someone battling both dust mites and bed bugs.

5. Easy Air Organic 16-oz. Allergy Relief Spray (Formerly Mite-Nix) Pet Allergen Spray

“I’ve been using this product for a few years now.  I spray it on my bed, in my closet, on couches, and even in the a/c vent.  It smells fresh and I know it is helping with my allergies by reducing dust mites.” Easy Air customer

Easy Air is another one of the best dust mite sprays available.  It’s a 100% natural product that fights indoor allergens like dust mites and their feces, pet dander, and other allergens such as mold and pollen.

The ingredients are 100% biodegradable blend of deionized water, non-ionic surfactants, hypoallergenic fruit & vegetable seed extracts along with other botanical ingredients that neutralize and deconstruct dust mite and animal allergens, rendering them harmless to humans and pets.

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The price is reasonable for a 16oz bottle.  One of the benefits of this product is that it has a 100% money back guarantee, so it’s worth a shot.

If you’re not satisfied, just send this natural dust mite spray back for a refund.

4. Natural and Organic Dust Mite Spray – Breaks Down Pet Urine Pheromones

I really like this product because of the lack of chemicals.  For many years I was waking up in the mornings with a sore throat and stuffy nose.  I knew I had allergies but wasn’t sure which specific allergen.  Since I started using this it has helped with my sleep, especially when I wake up in the morning.” –Dust Mite Spray customer

Violet Twigs Aromatics makes a 100% natural essential oil spray for the household.  It’s recommended for use around the bedroom, in closets and on beds and pillows.

This dust mite spray is made from a pleasant clove-cinnamon essential oil and isn’t harmful to humans or pets.   It also claims to break down pheromones of dog and cat urine – an added bonus for bad smells.

>> currently out of stock on Amazon

The instructions state you can add a teaspoon of the spray to your laundry to kill dust mites during washing.  This is a great natural dust mite spray, however, if you’d like to make your own, read our DIY recommendation below.

3.  All-Natural Eucoclean 3-in-1 Bed Bug, Flea and Dust Mite Killer, 25.3fl oz

“The essential oil in the spray is strong.  I’m glad I like eucalyptus smell otherwise it might be overpowering to some people.  We spray it on our pillows occasionally because there are lots of dust mites in our beds.  The fact that its natural is a big plus for us.” – Eucoclean customer

Eucoclean is a multi-use spray that is well reviewed by customers.  It offers protection from bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites and contains no synthetic ingredients.

In other words, there are no chemicals or pesticides, making it one of the best dust mite sprays available.  This fact makes it a safe choice for the home and bedroom.

Rather than harsh chemicals, this product uses Australian eucalyptus essential oil which is a natural killer and repellent of pests.  I use eucalyptus essential oil in the wash on a weekly basis. I love the smell and feel good knowing it’s a natural dust mite spray.

The instructions suggest using as a:

>> currently unavailable on Amazon

  • Air conditioning purifier
  • Deodorizer
  • Surface cleaner
  • Ideal for mattresses, couches, and carpets

I like this product because I’m a big advocate of essential oils – they work!

2. Allergy Asthma Clean Allergen Spray (pet dander, dust mite spray, pollen, cockroach) 33.8oz

“I must admit, it has cut down the amount of airborne dust in our home.  I like that it’s non-scented and doesn’t irritate my airways like some other sprays.  I really like spraying some in the HVAC vent while it’s running to spread it throughout the house.  Both of my children have allergies and asthma and it seems to help them.  I’ll definitely be buying again.” – Allergy Asthma Clean Spray customer
Allergy Asthma Clean Dust Mite Spray uses a blend of natural ingredients to help fight dust mites, bed bugs, as well as reduce the potency of animal dander.

The ingredients are baking soda, carbonates, and zeolite (I had to look up zeolite – comes from natural volcanic minerals).  Its use is fairly broad, but not unlike other sprays on this list: beds, couches, vents, chairs, carpets, and closets.

I really like the minimal amount of ingredients and that it’s a natural dust mite killer.

>> click to check on Amazon 

This spray can kill up to 95% of dust mites after a single use so there’s no need to spray again and again.  It’s nice to know this natural dust mite spray will last a while!

We like this spray and stand behind it as a solid, natural option to prevent dust mites in your home.

1. DIY Essential Oil – Dust Mite Spray

Just as easily, you can make your own organic spray for dust mites at home.  We’ve listed this as our best dust mite spray because it works and we use it every day. The ingredients are simple;

  • Essential oils
  • Vodka
  • Water
  • And don’t forget you’ll need to purchase a bottle. These dark amber glass bottles preserve essential oils and look stylish (check bottle price on Amazon ).

Why vodka you ask?  Well, vodka helps break up the oil and distributes it throughout the water.  It also preserves the essential oil potency making it last months inside the bottle.

The alcohol will also act as a surface sterilizer to kill bacteria and pathogens.  There are other options to replace the alcohol, such as baking soda, but based on my experience the baking soda will clog up the spray nozzle.

I first tried mixing the essential oil with baking soda and it worked well.  After a few weeks, I noticed the dust mite spray wasn’t working as well and I attributed the clog to the baking soda.

Using alcohol reduces the clogs and preserves the essential oil for months!

If you decide to purchase dust mite spray bottles, we recommend these dark amber glass ones (above).  The dark color helps reduce light exposure and preserve the essential oil…better yet they are stylish and reusable.

Use your own paper-based labels then put in the dishwasher to remove after the contents are finished.

Using any essential oil will work for a dust mite spray, however, eucalyptus essential oil will ensure you kill dust mites (dust mites hate eucalyptus!).  Essential oils can be purchased directly through Amazon.

Pricing for a DIY essential oil dust mite spray will cost a few dollars up front, but the ingredients will last you multiple refills and you’ll save money in the long run.  I spray on my carpets, couches, and bed to freshen up my pillows and I don’t worry about breathing in chemicals as I would with other air fresheners.

I even use the homemade dust mite spray with a wet towel to clean my counters and tables.

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It’s still difficult to find safe dust mite sprays to use in your home, however there are a few options for natural dust mite spray.  In addition to buying a ready-made spray, it might be worth your time (and health) to make a DIY spray.

In addition to killing dust mites with essential oil, the natural dust mite spray can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner, for tables, counters, as well as wipe up dust.

Keep dust mite spray bottle in every room of the house and mix in various the essential oils for different scents.

Thanks for reading the best organic sprays for dust mites.  We have many other blog posts about dust mite allergy and ways to reduce them in your home. Once again, thanks for reading.

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